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The City Scene
from the Sidewalk
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The City Scene from the Sidewalk


The City Scene from the Sidewalk is a philosophical memoir, illustrated by over 50 paintings
in watercolor and tells the story of an artist coming to Manhattan to work, thrive, and
experience life in the magic city.

Entity is a speculative fiction novella about a young man's encounter with
someone who claims to be visiting from the afterlife (or as she says, Afterdeath).
The story takes place in the neighborhoods of Manhattan in the future.
Featuring 11 full-page illustrations, this short work (55 pages) is soon to be available
as an E-Book. Links will be posted via the order link on this page upon publication.
(Check back for a link to order coming soon.)

For sample pages, paintings, and more detail about these books,
links to order, and info about the author, use the links above.

2 books by Alex Price